Welcome to our website. My name is Jas and I am a fully qualified DSA driving instructor who offers cheap driving lessons in Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth, Rugby and surrounding areas.

Become a student at our Academy and I promise that all lessons will be friendly, patient and conducted in a professional manner. You will receive our full care and attention at all times. We will help you build confidence on the road as it can be very intimidating for beginners. All lessons are student and instructor based only so you will never have to share any part of your lesson with another student. 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, a full license holder looking for more practise or just want to build more confidence, our professional service caters for all. We also welcome feedback from all students so that we can improve our service all the time and maintain our standards.

Check out our Facebook page and see the progress our students have made! 


For further information or to book today 

call us on 07811 158 517


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Start taking lessons with us now and pass your driving test!

Lesson Prices


2 Hour lesson - £60

Block Booking 10 Hours - £275 


Elite Driving Academy Past Students

Tarun Chana

I had lessons with Jas for 5 months and passed first time. 

He's a lovely man to work with! 

No stress, no pressure, easy learnt driving methods. 

I would highly recommend Jas.


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  • Special offers for beginners

  • Free loan theory test CD ROM

  • Block booking discounts

  • One to one tuition

  • Pass Plus Driving courses 

  • Refresher courses

  • Competitive rates

  • High Pass rate


Stay Cool! 

Always stay patient and learn at your own pace.

 Learn The Basics

Mastering the basics such as the biting point, steering and limitations of the break can help you build confidence.

 No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Its important to know as much as you can to help build your skills.

Move Your Head

Practise moving your head when checking mirrors so when you do it in the test you won't lose focus on what's ahead and you will be able to show that your are checking your mirrors actively.

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